2 Hay Bale (double bale) Mover!

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       3 Point bale mover can carry 2 large round hay bales with your tractors 3 Point Hitch!

                  Extra Heavy duty bale mover built by Elk Creek Welding & Steel Products, Inc. can speed up your bale moving by allowing you to move 2 large round bales weighing up to 2500 lbs. each.  Mover is designed to lift bales by sliding underneath them or bales can be "speared".   3 Point hitch is Cat. II.  Bale prongs are built with 2.25" Cold Rolled Steel Shafts that are removable.  Main Frame is 6" x 4" x .375" Tube!  This is a Heavy Duty Bale Mover!!




    This Heavy Duty 2 Bale  Mover is priced at only:            $1395

                                                        (Price effective 9/2017-subject to change without notice)

                                              Shipping is available!!  (call or e-mail us - see our home page)

                                                      Elk Creek Welding & Steel Products, Inc.

                                                                  Elk Creek, NE  68348


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