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          The Model 450 3 Point Implement Caddie Built by Elk Creek Welding & Steel Products, Inc. is rated for up to 450 hp. and will lift/carry 15000 lbs.  The "450" will handle 7-11 shank rippers/subsoilers and other 3 point implements that have Cat. II or Cat. III hitches.  Elk Creek Welding has built this Model for 20 years and many are in use today with an excellent reputation for durability!

   Model 450 standard specifications:      450 Hp. rating,  8" tubing frame

                                                               15000 lb. lift/carry cap.,  One 4" x 16" and one 3.75" x 16" rephasing cylinders

                                                                4 - 8 bolt x 4500 lb. cap. hubs/spindles with 12.5 x 15 x12 ply tires

                                                                Cat. II / III rear hitch with adjustable top link

                                                                Approx. 14' Length hitch pin to tug pin

                                                                Hardened "pintle" style front hitch, safety chain and tongue jack

                                                                Bronze bushings with grease zerk on lift wheel assembly

                                                                        Price:  $8000     Find a Caddie near you!

                                                                   Delivery available!!


          Model 450 Implement Caddie (std. outside tires are not installed)         Rear "tugs" let the implement float but can be

                                                                                                                                             pinned stationary if desired.



        Std. Front "Pintle" hitch with Safety chain.                                               Lift cylinders are rephasing so the caddie  raises even.



    Rear hitch will adjust in for Cat. II and out for Cat. III                                       Pulling a V-ripper is a typical use for a Model 450 Caddie.



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