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                     The Model 500SS Implement Caddie built by Elk Creek Welding & Steel is a "Super Sized" Model 500 that will handle your largest 3 point implement and also carry a 9 ton load on the caddie!  It is equipped with 4 "super single" used truck tires on 10 bolt x 12000 lb. rated implement hubs/spindles and it has a Cat. IV rear hitch to handle the heaviest 3 point implements.


                          The Model 500SS 3 Point Implement Caddie front and rear views.


Dual wheels are mounted on a "rocking bolster".        Rear hitch is Cat. IV and is equipped with

                                                                                                                                a  depth stop valve and adjustable top link.


       Model 500SS caddie specs:

                                 600 hp. rated with 10 inch tubular frame

                                                 Cat. IV rear hitch with 18000 lb. lift capacity and depth stop valve

                                  Heavy duty adjustable top link

                                  Cat. V front "Pintle" style front hitch with safety chain and tongue jack

                                  Four "Super Sized" used truck tires on 10 bolt x 12000 lb. hubs/spindles

                                  Duals are mounted on "rocking bolsters" to equalize weight on tires

                                  Price:        $ 16,500               

                                             Delivery available!!

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