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          The Model 600 Implement Caddie built by Elk Creek Welding is the heavy duty caddie with 600 hp. rating and 18000 lbs. lift/carry capacity.  This Caddie will handle your large implement!!  It has a Cat. IV rear hitch that can be spaced down to Cat. III.  The "600" is designed similar to the Model "250" and "450" in that the wheels are moved down with hydraulic cylinders and the caddie's frame is lifted along with the implement that is mounted on it.   Model 500 and 500SS are designed with a lifting hitch on the rear of the caddie and the frame/wheels of the caddie do not raise and lower.  If a tank or hopper were  mounted on the "600" it would raise and lower with the caddie and implement.  This could be done but the Model 500 or 500SS would be better suited for mounting tanks or hoppers.



                     Model 600 with large ripper.  (front coulters are customer installed)             


                                                                                            Rear views of Model 600 Caddie



   Rear hitch "tugs" of Caddie can be spaced out for Cat. IV, in for Cat. III.                   Model 600 front hitch is Cat. IV "pintle" style and safety chains

                                                                                                                                                        with tongue jack are standard.

       Model 600  Specifications:     Cat. IV front and rear hitch

                                                               600 hp. rating

                                                               18000 lb. lift capacity

                                                               One 5" and one 4.75" rephasing lift cylinders lift the caddie evenly

                                                               Four 16.5"x16.1"x10 ply Floatation tires

                                                               6000 lb. rated 8 bolt spindles/hubs

                                                              Length is approx. 18' hitch pin to "tug" pin

                                                              Price:  $11,500             Delivery available!

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